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the last fedora

Given the high volume of quality content <wink wink>  on this blog, I’m sure that many were heart broken when the server hosting this had a harddrive hiccup and downed for 10 days.  If you didn’t notice, I don’t blame you. I keep telling myself and everyone else that I will someday maintain this, but it happens to fall a ways down in a very long list of life and professional goals. Not that I don’t see this as important, but our little I/O episode is case in point.

The issue was actually a rather simple one, involving only a corrupted ext3 journal in the /var partition; that unfortunetly becomes much more complicated when the offending host is located some 350 miles away in a dark basement’s much darker closet with no known *nix admins to be had. I tried to do a phone walkthough with my very patient and forgiving brother-in-law, but that ended when I failed to assert the gravitous difference between

tune2fs -O ^has_journal /var


tune2fs -O ^has_journal / var.

If you’re not a sysamdin, the short story is that the mis-placement of a single space made the machine completely unbootable. So thanks to FEDEX, we’re back in business little the worse for the wear.

Aside from hosting a few blogs and our primary DNS, that server was not doing much anyway, and I was in the process of backing up the data to decommission it when the error occurred. I never would have guessed it a year ago, but we are now 100% Ubuntu as that was our last Fedora based server. We just upgraded most of our desktops at work to the new Beta release of Hardy Heron, and I’m happy as cake. The NVidia drivers for my GeForce 6150 LE are finally solid in Compiz-Fusion after endless screen locks (the mouse would move, but no one was home) and the intel video cards are doing their own work so that the processor is freed up for snappy performance. The background art is the best yet.

I apologize to the faithful few who keep checking in hoping for personal news and continue to get assualted with tech jargon.. I have plans to split my personal and professional blogs apart–stop laughing, I know that keeping has been more than a task for me so far. Thanks for sticking with me anyway. Blessings!

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