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Lightscribe on Linux!

Being the idealist that I am, naturally linux is my operating system of choice. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I booted something else on one of my machines. Maybe minix, a couple years ago. At any rate, there is a price to pay for jumping off of the M$ bandwagon, and most of the time that comes in hardware support. Our monopolistic software giant likes to encourage hardware vendors to support only a certain, popular OS (for the dis-believing, check out this article on GrokLaw, or at least check out the paper it mentions.). The result is many devices that end up having to be reverse engineered, usb snooped, or other in order to force them into penguine submission.

Laptops are the worst for this, since there are more vendors turning out more new crap…. For example, my HP Pavailion dv6-1230us; the HDMI port is tempermental, and the sound card fails to run at all in Ubuntu 9.04. I’m currently upgrading to the Beta 9.10 with high hopes, but I’ll be sure to let you know. Another feature this machine happened to have is LightScribe–a feature I just assumed would not be usable. On a whim, I googled “ubuntu lightscribe” and was thrilled to discover a page detailing the 5 easy steps to get it running on Ubuntu. It’s a pretty stripped, simple interface, but hey–it works!

You can find the debs or rpms pretty easily on the lightscribe site if you need them for another distro.

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