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Back to the classics: rsync

If you haven't read my post about using RAID1 with an external USB drive, don't bother. I followed the steps as laid out in the guides that I had found, but a couple hours of wrestling with it ended Continue Reading

GnuPG, PHP, and Ubuntu

One of our upcoming projects at work is killing our old session management in favor of a RESTful Authentication and Authorization application to serve our Service Oriented Architecture framework (a Continue Reading

Timezone fun with MySQL and UTC

Since our company has timeclocks and users all over the country (and world, for that matter), we switched pretty early on to using UTC exclusively in the back-end. The views handle spitting out the Continue Reading

man with a mirror

I'm sure that you've all heard me sing the glories of Linux at some point, and probably most of you know that I run Ubuntu (among other OSes). I'm constantly impressed by the relative ease of use and Continue Reading

ssl and virtual hosts in apache 2

I purchased a third-party signed certificate for one of our sites to get rid of the annoying security warnings. There are a dozen sites running on the server, so I have been using named virtual hosts Continue Reading