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Back to the classics: rsync

If you haven't read my post about using RAID1 with an external USB drive, don't bother. I followed the steps as laid out in the guides that I had found, but a couple hours of wrestling with it ended Continue Reading

Digital assets for the ultra-mobile

It seems like I always have at least three computers that I am using at a any given time: a laptop (by far the most used since I travel,  have no desktop at home, and even move around the office a Continue Reading

Lightscribe on Linux!

Being the idealist that I am, naturally linux is my operating system of choice. In fact, I don't remember the last time I booted something else on one of my machines. Maybe minix, a couple years ago. Continue Reading

Project madness (~management)

If you're anything like most developers I know, then time management, project management, and organization are not among your most natural strengths. Thank goodness Wikipedia has a list of Continue Reading

Interface tuning

Interface tuning

Alyssa sent me a really cool article on interface design today. I resonate with this one particularly because simplicity in software and SaaS (Software as a Service) is one of my standard soap-boxes. Continue Reading

Analytics without ‘the Man’

One of my buddies turned me on to an awesome new tool a few months back. If you're not familiar with analytics, then you owe it to your geekiness to get in touch. Analytics allow you to see ( with Continue Reading